Entitled princesses…Not here!

Well, this is my first experience with blogging so it may end up disjointed but WTH here goes…

I have had a crash course the last couple of weeks in Dating 2.0, the manosphere, the pernicious cancer of feminism, the Red Pill, SMP, MMV, and Game. All I can say is this is so much more complicated than it used to be. It is almost depressing.

Earlier this month I celebrated my 45th birthday. Aside from going to work in the 2nd busiest ER in the city, it was a quiet day/night…but I digress. If what I read throughout the manosphere is to be believed, then I am totally out of luck in the hopes of finding a “decent” man to replace my abusive ex (and I mean abusive in every sense of the word). The reason I’m fresh out of luck is because I’m too old, have children, and to quote canecaldo, “soft leather is only desirable for furniture.” I’m still not sure what he meant by that but I’m equally sure I wouldn’t like it and that it is an assumption he shouldn’t make. Regardless, I’m going to continue my search for knowledge on this new and daunting “marketplace” that I find myself launched into once again.

I see a lot out here in the blogosphere about women and their penchant for acting like and wanting to be treated like princesses. I’m not sure where it began, but I do believe it has escalated out of control. I remember watching Shirley Temple in “The Little Princess” when I was a child as well as all of the Disney movies ever released. Yet, I certainly didn’t “grow up” believing that I was a princess or that I should act like or be treated like one. Just the opposite as a matter of fact. Perhaps that is because I worked at Disney through high school and college (when I was apparently at my peak in the SMP and just didn’t know it – lol). I worked in Entertainment at Disney as a performer in parades and shows. Even there, only certain “girls” get to play the part of the princesses and I was never one of those. It was a healthy dose of realism in the world of make believe and pixie dust. And honestly, at Disney, Prince Charming isn’t much of a catch – he prefers his own white knight! I say all that to lead up to this….Somewhere along the line (after my childhood) girls were taught that they should expect preferential treatment, and that they deserved to be treated like princesses whether they acted like them or not. This thinking must be corrected for future generations. Feminism has failed women as a whole and has done a disservice to women by emasculating men, As Chateau Heartiste stated http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/why-are-feminists-against-the-male-pill/

Feminine women love men for who they are, love to bathe in the energy of male sexuality, and love the innate advantages that men bring to the division of love and labor between the sexes. Feminine women are not feminist women.

Amen to that! It is time to teach our girls how to be feminine. I promise to do my part…


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