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A Year of Growth

19 Jun

Wow, time flies…I can’t believe that a year has gone by already. I wish I could say it’s been a fun journey, or at least one I had planned. The truth however lies somewhere out there in the middle. A year ago tomorrow marks the day that my marriage of 21 years ended.

Certainly NOT something to celebrate, you might think. And you would be right. Except, that with it the pain, shame and self-loathing also ended. It was replaced with discovery and growth and a return to the self-confident woman that my parents raised me to be. Some of you here on the interwebz know the whole story; most do not. Suffice it to say that it has been a year of reflection and planning interspersed with LOTS of hard work, a little doubt, and plenty of tears. I would liken it to the process men go through when they first take the “red pill” and look back on all the mistakes and missed opportunities of the past. Acknowledging the anger; and channeling its power into re-making one’s self into the person you want to be. It is quite a journey…and absolutely necessary. So please indulge me as I run down the significant accomplishments of this past year.

A home of my own to raise my precious ones in – Check

A vehicle that isn’t going to eat me alive in fuel expense – Check

A job to feed us and pay for it all – Check

A safe, happy, healthy mom with a new and improved outlook on life – Check

Doing it all without a dime of assistance from the ex or the government – Priceless!


Mother’s Day

23 May